Sawdust burners for direct heating of industrial drying applications. These furnaces
can by fired by any number of bio-mass fuels such as sawdust, seed corn, corn cobs
,switch grass, alfalfa. The fuel simply needs to be ground to 1/4" or smaller and be
10% moisture or less.
Solid fuel burners manufactured by
Energy Unlimited Inc
solid fuel furnace and dryer for wood shavings
Triple pass rotary dryer and sawdust
Octagon sawdust burner at a wood pelleting
Sawdust burner
Sawdust fired cyclonic furnace and triple
pass dryer drying sawdust for composite
Two sawdust burners at an alfalfa
dehydration plant
Solid fuel burner burning corn to dry corn
Sawdust burner
Sawdust burner
Octagon sawdust furnace
These are just a few pictures of the many solid fuel burners that we have done. These
solid fuel burners where designed built and installed by
Energy Unlimited Inc. These
dryers are drying many products such as, wood shavings, sawdust for wood pellets, and
alfalfa. These solid fuel burners are being fired by sawdust.
Energy Unlimited Inc has over 15 years experience with triple pass rotary dryers and the
related processes to remove water from any product. We are a one stop shop for
industrial drying systems. We can design build an entire plant from scratch or add to an
existing plant.
We can provide you with sawdust burners,dryers be it triple pass rotary drum dryers,
single pass drum dryers or belt dryers. We can also provide you with whole plant PLC
controls. We can design a dryer controls system to tie into your motor control cabinet or
provide you with all new motor starters prewired to our PLC dryer and furnace controls.
For more about our rotary dryer controls click here.
Sawdust burner at wood pelleting
Sawdust burner at alfalfa dehydration
Sawdust furnace at a wood pelleting
Ductwork for sawdust burner
being fabricated at our shop
Installing cyclonic combustion furnace at
alfalfa dehydration facility
Installing sawdust furnace at a wood
pelleting plant
sawdust burner and triple pass rotary drum dryer
Sawdust burner
Installing sawdust burner ductwork at a
wood pelleting plant
Installing sawdust burner ductwork at a
wood pelleting plant
Sawdust burner for wood shavings
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