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Energy Unlimited Inc
Sawdust burners manufactured by
Energy Unlimited Inc
These solid fuel burners can be used for heat in many industrial drying applications.              
Manure burning systems for dairy cattle manure dryers.
Sawdust for wood pelleting or plastic lumber applications, wood shavings for animal bedding,
pvc resin, bakery waste products, alfalfa for feed products or many other applications.
The heat from these burners can be routed to many different industrial dryers.
Belt dryer
Single pass rotary drum dryer
Triple pass rotary drum dryer
These solid fuel burners can be fired by any dry bio-mass product. The fuel can be provided
by many means.
Your own waste by-product
A local suppliers waste by-product
Fines from your own drying process
Sawdust Burner connected to Boiler for lumber Kiln
Sawdust Fired Burner
Three Sawdust Burners
Sawdust Burner connected to belt dryer
Sawdust Burner connected to
steam boiler
Three Sawdust Burners
New Octogan Sawdust Burner
Sawdust Burner in Norway
Bottom of Sawdust Burner
loaded on truck
New Octagon Burner Installation
Two halves of sawdust burner assembled
Sawdust Burner ready for delivery
Top of sawdust burner
loaded on truck
Sawdust Burner connected to existing
gas burner and rotary drum dryer
Sawdust Burner
Bakery Waste Plant
Sawdust Burner at Alfalfa Dehy Plant
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